For Skills & Enterprise 

Our vision is to change the face of digital technology by up-skilling and implementing new ways to learn ever-evolving tech in a modern and innovative setting, changing lives through technology and enterprise. 

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The Edge is a technology centre dedicated to innovation, technology, and skills; working with individuals, employers and businesses to provide tailored training and upskilling in a hybrid centre.

With access to over 20,000 courses from Google to Microsoft, our training helps to build stronger digital workplaces, upskilling employees and individuals. We offer flexible courses using trained providers to teach specialised skills improving digital knowledge throughout the region. The Edge Hub courses offer alternatives to current training; providing shorter courses, at varied levels for a reduced price, tailored to the individual to ensure the best outcome.


The new and improved services at The Edge Hub create a more efficient method of teaching technology, fuelling the shortage of digitally skilled employees within the region. The Edge Hub changes existing models to be cheaper, less time-consuming and more sustainable; overall, increasing the efficiency of how technology is taught and approached by individuals looking to upskill. 

Alongside training and upskilling, The Edge Hub offers collaborative space to network and collaborate, building entrepreneurship, in an innovative and community-based location with large tech brands and over 170 local businesses.