Time to change the narrative..

What is Girls In 2 Tech?

Girls In2 Tech is a movement empowering girls to get into the STEM sector. The initiative offers information on careers in technology and entrepreneurship, promoting growth, and development of skills, inspirational talks, workshops, mentorships, boot camps, STEM projects and digital work experience opportunities as well as links with employers, tech giants and more.


The ever-advancing world is centred around tech with an estimated 80% of future jobs requiring STEM skills... so

Let's make a change

Girls In2 Tech are taking steps forward with the help of STEM companies and individuals to help women overcome the barriers in the tech sector. The girls will have the opportunity to engage with different aspects, choosing what suits their aspirational goals and interests. The initiative inspires young women to consider a future in technology, by helping students, school leaders and parents to understand what a career in tech can mean for girls.

The community is based upon a network of like-minded companies and individuals who all intend to solve the issue within the tech and STEM industry by breaking the mould. Girls In2 Tech benefits the female members but also companies through the promotion of equality, network connections, community outreach, social impact, active engagement, varied opportunities, and talent acquisition. The collaborative movement helps change the way women access the tech world to promote equality within STEM.

The world needs more female investors, designers, programmers, digital thinkers, and women who want to get involved in STEM. Join the tech revolution!