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The Partnership

The Edge Hub is thrilled to announce our partnership with Makers, the industry leader in digital bootcamps and apprenticeships. This collaboration will bring a wide range of training opportunities to those seeking to transition into tech careers and businesses in need of skilled tech talent in the North.

Makers offer industry-leading programmes in digital skills including Software Development and Data Engineering, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to launch successful tech careers. Their holistic approach goes beyond technical skills, providing comprehensive career support and emotional intelligence training for lifelong employability and lasting success.

Makers has built a strong reputation by assisting top employers such as Google, Deloitte Digital, and Ford to create diverse tech talent pipelines due to their selective but inclusive approach, ensuring the best talent from all backgrounds can access their programmes. They deliver elite technical training whilst honing soft skills to produce emotionally intelligent graduates who add value quickly. 

The Edge Hub and Makers share a vision for the future of training and upskilling, driven by a passion for fostering equal opportunities in technical careers. We believe in the power of a collaborative community to bring this vision to life.



At Makers, we are creating a new and diverse generation of tech talent equipped with the skills to add value to tech teams from day one.

We help businesses create sustainable talent pipelines or grow their own talent with modern tech apprenticeships and fast hire solutions to increase your competitive advantage with greater ROI.



When you become a Maker, you’ll gain access to an incredible network of over 3000 alumni, hundreds of employers and a network of supportive coaches, all invested in your career success. This supportive, active community ensures that you never have to navigate your career journey alone. We prioritize creating an environment that both challenges learners and nurtures growth, in a safe and inclusive setting. At Makers, we are committed to being by your side every step of the way, providing unwavering support and guidance. Once a Maker, always a Maker. 

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